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INNOVATIVE CURRICULUM: Learning Revolutionize:

Our Research & Development team have created a curriculum that is based on learning by doing & inquiry-based thematic approach, with well-established teaching, learning and assessment procedures. The thematically integrated learning aims at holistic development by addressing the diversified needs of the children based on internationally acclaimed pedagogic practices. It helps them in character building, inculcating values, fosters leadership qualities & the spirit of enterprise so that they become well-adjusted and compassionate global citizens. Children benefit in a number of ways with our specially designed curriculum- Their reading skills improve, thinking skills are enhanced, can write better, attention span is increased, are more confident, express themselves better and learn to make more friends. Our R & D team consists of subject matter experts, academic heads, frontline graphic designers, pediatricians, and psychologists. Whenever required, occupational therapists, speech therapists, psychiatrists and special educators were also consulted for their inputs. Our curriculum consists of printed books, numerous educational aids to supplement every aspect of teaching, fun software of rhymes and storytelling and various other progressive teaching materials. The teachers are trained extensively to deliver the curriculum with ease and expertise to get the best results in the children. Along with the development of the child, their happiness is our prime focus in planning and designing the entire curriculum.