Why Art and Craft Is Important In Early Childhood Education?

Why Art and Craft Is Important In Early Childhood Education?

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” –Pablo Picasso
Art and craft is a process which helps a child in exploring, discovering, creating and experimenting. This all together helps the child in growing as an individual. This entire process allows children to be more spontaneous, creative and expressive without any inhibitions. Art and craft is a way to express themselves. It helps in the child’s development and growth. It helps the child in building strong thinking skills and succeeds at higher levels.

Areas in which art and craft will be helpful to develop and nurture a child’s growth:

Mental development – art and craft activities require creativity and imagination. This will help the child to grow critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
Physical development – Activities in art and craft helps a child in developing proper hand-eye coordination. Activities that involve pen, pencil and scissors will help to improve the ability that the child will require to have a good grip for writing skills.
Creative development – In this 21st century, it is essential to be good at problem-solving, understand others problems, think original and more important to survive in this competitive world. Art and craft teaches a child the skills of experimenting, creativity and expressing without any inhibitions.
Language development – Expressing about what they have drawn and describing their imagination in the form of art helps children develop their language skills and vocabulary. They will learn new words and foster their language and communication skills.
Visual processing – activities like weaving; threading helps to develop visual-spatial skills which are an ability to manipulate different dimension figures mentally. This skill will help children in science, technology and mathematics. Playing with colours, patterns, textures in art and craft activities encourage perceptually.
Academic performances – Studies show that there is a correlation between creativity and another achievement. Kids who take part in art and craft activities are more likely to be recognized for other achievements too.

Making choices

While doing art and craft activities children have the choice of taking their own decisions and making their own choices. They have the feeling of freedom of choosing a color and making any shapes. This experience will help them develop crucial skills like decision making and learning on their own.
Pre-schools in India have individual sessions for art and craft. The most successful pre-schools in India take special care to teach children art and craft… It caters to the academic needs as well as co-curricular activities for kids.
Besides academics, art and craft activities are equally important for your child’s overall development. Let your child explore, experiment and imagine in all possible colorful forms.