Benefits of Outdoor Games for Child Development

Benefits of Outdoor Games for Child Development

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” Is it so? The saying should probably be changed to “All work and only playing computer games will make Jack a dull boy.” Playing games on PC will probably beat the boredom, but the real joy lies getting drenched and dirty while playing football on a rainy day or playing gully cricket under the burning hot sun and kabaddi bare foot.

An overview

Though technology has provided many ways of entertainment for kids, the joy of playing in a windy park or beachside is incomparable. Enjoying outdoor games in the natural environment is fundamentally something very healthy. Though apps have taken over out games in the recent past, the happiness and joy of those childhood memories can never be the same. Gathering many people for a game is always fun to the core. Your kid who is already carrying the burden of the world on their tender shoulder will surely feel relaxed and motivated after spending some quality time playing outdoor games. Games are not only a source of recreation but they also educate and prepare us for life. They help in good transitions along the journey of life. Whether it is the happiness of winning a game or learning after losing a match the attitude towards any such situation is learning in itself for a true sportsman. Games promote the cognitive, social, physical and emotional well-being of a child offering them the necessary conditions to thrive and learn. Play-time also plays an essential role in the child’s brain development. Children who had sufficient play-time during childhood are seen to be more adaptable to complex situations at a later stage.

Muscle development

Playing outdoor games helps your children with muscle development and improves their coordination and motor skills. There are numerous ways in which your child can benefit from playing outdoor games regularly. Activities that include running jumping, skating promotes well-being and physical health.

Learning tool

Other than making your child exercise while playing outside, it also helps them in becoming more creative and enhances their imagination power. Innovative outdoor games can make your child develop thinking abilities and also learn teamwork simultaneously. Stepping out of your house and making your child play in a local park helps them breathe in some fresh air and make a connect with the nature.

Healthy mind

As it is said “A sound mind in a sound body,” it is essential for one to spend some quality time playing outside in the fresh environment. Outdoor games will provide your child with better comprehension ability and also a free-spirited mind helping them in developing a better personality.

Quality of Leadership

The skill of leadership and teamwork is best built on the playground which requires more number of people. It will also help your child to learn their first lesson of cooperation, sportsmanship, and obedience. 

Love for nature

Kids who spend considerable time playing outside tend to be more inclined towards nature. They become more conscious of the environmental issues and tend to take steps to preserve the nature.
Outdoor games give kids the chance to explore their surrounding using all their senses. Allow your kids to go out and live their childhood to the best of their abilities. Get the fresh air, run, jump, climb, race and swing that will help them to develop a well-balanced personality.