Must-Have Supplies for the First Day of School

Must-Have Supplies for the First Day of School

The excitement of getting your little one admitted in a preschool often makes you miss or forget that you actually need to take some extra care at school supplies too. Yeah, the new adventures of school will be as thrilling to you too as it will be to the little ones, but you still have work to accomplish! Be sure to put these items on their school supply list right from Day One and save them from the chaos otherwise.
The first day of school is mixed with excitement and nervousness. But this is the day, everyone remembers for their life.
And to make sure that their first day of the school will be interesting, excited, fun, organized and a day to remember for them, there should be something that they should always carry with them in case of anything they want to do or if they face the certain situation.
Here are a few things that you should make a point to keep on your little one’s first day to make sure it helps to make their day better.

Art Supplies

Ask the teacher for specifics. And remember: Those markers should be washable! It always helps the children to bring out their creativity.

Luggage Tag

Attach it inside the backpack so that they’re recognized and don’t get missed.

Two pocket folders

Keep permission slips, class announcements, and your kid’s art in one place. It helps you keep everything at one place and organized.

Alcohol-free wipes –

Always helps when in need of a wipe during before or after the lunch and also when hands get dirty during a class activity or any outdoor activity.

Tissues –

These tissues are in addition to the wet tissues. There is no harm in keeping an extra pair of it.

Blanket for reading and naptime

It is always nice to have their blankie with them which makes them feel comfortable and also feels at home.

A change of clothes

An extra pair of clothes never harmed anyone. It is only extra precaution just in case their clothes get dirty while playing or they trip and fall, spill something on them or could be a toilet accident too! 
This list comprises the most common needed school supplies for your child’s first day at school. Be sure to check their syllabus for each day to see if they will need additional supplies. These are few things that should be taken care of, but of course, we can name a ton of it more which could not only help your children in many ways to be comfortable and also enjoyable. Always make sure you get this checklist done before that first day.
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