Playtime routine: Benefits of Toys for kids

Playtime routine: Benefits of Toys for kids

Toys provide many learning opportunities for kids. Innovative toys help children in developing fine and gross motor skills. Toys also help children boost their confidence, nurture their creativity and imagination, and discover their freedom and self-esteem too. There are numerous benefits of toys in a child’s life. It is helpful for both educational as well as developmental growth.
A player is also a scholar!
At times kids get engrossed in playing with their toys and dedicate more time playing than focusing on their studies. But it is seen that kids who can play well are more focused and attentive in studies too. Playtime is also crucial for a child as his studies. During childhood, a child should be allowed to play as much as possible. It nurtures them both mentally as well as physically.


Playing with toys has numerous benefits. Here are a few benefits:
• Develops fine motor skills
• Helps children to be more creative and imaginative
• Enables children to develop better judgment capacity, reasoning, problem-solving, negotiating ability
• Develop social skills (ie) working together in a team, socializing with people, conflict & resolution, and sharing.
• Children can learn to count and sort.
• Vocabulary development- learn new words.
• Through toys, children can learn about the safety measures that one needs to take care of while traveling on the road, like wearing a helmet and obeying the traffic signal etc.

Learning while playing

• There are educational toys that help children build their recognition skills. By reinforcing the names of toys that include different animals, birds, and things can help a child to develop language.
• The child can also practice which animal makes what kind of sound. Playing with toys and learning makes a long-lasting impression on the child’s mind that helps them to learn things in a better way.
• Leaning while playing with toys become a joyful experience. Children won’t consider it as a burden instead would enjoy learning and playing together.
• Learning is more effective when other creative equipment accompanies it. Theme play-sets are an excellent source of learning for kids without putting any pressure on them to sit and study.
• Parents should encourage kids to play different types of games. Toys that help in building proper hand-eye coordination are just great.
• There are innovative games that help a child develop appropriate visual and hearing abilities. Research shows that learning while playing is more effective and therefore forms an essential part of the child’s development.

Choose toys over electronic gadgets

• Most kids these days are getting more engrossed in playing games in mobiles. It has severe harmful effects on the child’s proper growth and developmental.
• Studies have shown that kids who have spent a reasonable amount of time in playing with toys have good socializing skills.
• Toys play a vital role in building the child’s behavior and personality too. Children become more open and expressive while playing.
• Physically, mentally and academically toys can be constructive for children. Parents can choose from a wide variety of toys like dolls, stuffed toys, books, charts, rhymes, puzzles, blocks, etc.
• There are various types of innovative games that can be played indoor as well as outdoor.
So the next time you plan for an outing, fill up your little one’s toys in a basket and take them along. Let your child explore the art of living through toys.